Pleasant View’s Leadership Team

Our mission: Provide a safe, comfortable, Christian environment where individuals can live life to the fullest.

Kevin Reimer, CEO

Kevin Reimer

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P: 620-585-6411            F: 620-585-6504

Jalane White, Administrator

Jalane White

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P: 620-585-6411            F: 620-585-6504

Marilyn Stufflebean, Director of Nursing

Marilyn Stufflebean

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P: 620-585-6411            F: 620-585-6504

Michelle Neufeld, Asst. Director of Nursing

Michelle Neufeld

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P: 620-585-6411            F: 620-585-6504

Jason Herndon, Social Worker

Jason Herndon

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P: 620-585-6411            F: 620-585-6504

Tod Ritcha, CFO

Tod Ritcha

Email Tod:
P: 620-585-6411            F: 620-585-6504

Paula Miller, Marketing Director

Paula Miller

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P: 620-585-6411            F: 620-585-6504

Dave Denlinger, Chaplain

Dave Denlinger

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P: 620-585-6411            F: 620-585-6504

Sabrina Mininger, Home Health Director

Sabrina Mininger

Email Sabrina:
P: 620-585-6811            F: 620-712-1120

Sydni Kretzer, Operator, Pleasant Hills

Sydni Kretzer

Email Sydni:
P: 620-665-6639            F: 620-860-7190

In addition to our leadership team, Pleasant View boasts an amazing and talented large staff. We strive to provide a work environment that attracts and retains hard-working and dedicated people who are committed to our providing quality, person-directed care. Some of our staff have been with Pleasant View for decades!

From skilled nursing or home health services and independent senior living communities to rehab and recovery services and special memory and dementia care, Pleasant View has been providing professional and friendly care to residents for decades. We have a long history of quality care in Kansas and have a bright future of continuing to bring state-of-the-art facilities and senior care to central Kansas. You can count on Pleasant View Home to continue providing a safe, comfortable, Christian environment where individuals can live life to the fullest!


My mother’s last ten years were good and filled with many wonderful experiences she truly enjoyed.  I’m convinced it was because not only did you care for her—you cared about her and she felt it.  My never-ending gratitude to each of you

Shirley Hinkel Pauls

Very nice place. My brother was in hospice care there. Staff was very kind and helpful.

Janice Stewart

My Mom just spent several days at the facility, and my family have nothing but high praise for the entire staff and the care she was given. Thank you all.

Steve King

We've been there. We understand.

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families.