Exciting News

Pleasant View Home is pleased to announce the beginning of construction for Pleasant Hills.  Pleasant Hills will begin with one 12 bed Home-Plus unit North of Hutchinson on Halstead Street. 

What is “Home Plus” ?

Home Plus is a specific licensure category for caring for the elderly that offers flexibility and individualization of care and living.  Our plan in creating an environment for the elderly includes the creation of an environment which specifically caters to the needs of adults, typically 75 years and older.  At the center of the spacious 12 bed home one would find a large open kitchen where trained staff would prepare delicious meals based on the preferences of the residents.  Each individuals privacy and individuality would be respected as they each would enjoy their own comfortable bedroom and private bath.  The living room, dining room, laundry, and other areas would be planned to provide care and support.  As we would build our Home Plus in a rather rustic rural setting, residents would enjoy the rolling hills, trees, and wildlife in the area.  All services which may include transportation to appointments, social events, telephone, cable and accommodations for family visits will be considered.  Daily life will be enriched to include programs for social, cultural, spiritual and recreational activities.

Moving dirt and getting ready to build at Pleasant Hills

Moving dirt and getting ready to build at Pleasant Hills



Our Mission

Our goal is to help our clients achieve the highest quality of life possible, allowing one to retain his or her dignity and independence. At Pleasant View Home we believe in providing old fashioned personal service accompanied by the latest in modern health care science.



Pleasant View Home is dedicated to meeting the physical, social, and spiritual needs of the elderly.

Pleasant View is a not-for-profit organization governed by six area churches.

If you want a Christian oriented retirement community with high standards of quality, please contact us for an information packet or a personal tour.

Pleasant View has been designated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) as 5 star home.

KDOA has recognized Pleasant View as a 7 time PEAK award winning home.

New Van and bus are welcome additions to Pleasant View Transportation  

New Van and bus are welcome additions to Pleasant View Transportation


From Moving dirt to pouring concrete

From Moving dirt to pouring concrete

Pleasant View Home continues to be blessed in many ways, and this was evident with the special events that occurred, just weeks ago. 

     First of all, as we reported in the September newsletter, Secretary on Aging, Shawn Sullivan was scheduled to present the PEAK award at Pleasant View on Sept. 17.  The presentation ceremony was well attended and Secretary Sullivan was complimentary of the person centered care that is provided at Pleasant View.  He noted that there were only 4 nursing homes in Kansas that were honored as Pleasant View, as a mentoring home. 

     Speaking of mentoring, Pleasant View has hosted two mentoring experiences for facilities from various areas of Kansas.  The mentoring experience includes a presentation on the meaning of person centered care, as well as testimonials from PVH staff as to how empowered staff provide the residents with choice throughout their day in a meaningful and comfortable environment. 

     Secondly, the staff were excited to see state surveyors recently walk in the door for the annual, unannounced, state survey.   4 State Surveyors looked in every nook and cranny, perused the medical records, asked for multitudes of documents and reports, and in the final analysis, determined that there were no deficiencies.  This is quite a feat for the staff of Pleasant View, to once again have a zero deficiency survey.  Staff deserve all the glory for such a high level of professionalism and expertise in caring for our residents.

Above, mentoring staff with mentees from Haysville, Clifton, and Wakenney